Senior Project Manager at UMS Skeldar AB

It is with joy and a feeling of coming home that i5 Productive Leadership AB takes on the assignment as senior project manager at UMS Skeldar for the development of the unmanned system Skeldar V-200, as part of the successful collaboration with Berotec.

The assignment involves management and control of the baseline project and associated work packages for Block 30, delivering development for the standard product and key features for two important customer projects. Close cooperation with relevant parts of UMS Skeldar’s organization, such as development, production and flight test, with responsibility for ensuring that the project’s goals are achieved through effective collaboration, is a core part of this.

The Project Management Office includes a team of sub-project managers and two customer project managers. To some extent, it also includes running tasks related to continuous improvement of processes, methods and tools as UMS Skeldar is a growing company with a developing organization.