i5 Productive Leadership AB enters cooperation agreement with Berotec

It is with joy and confidence in the future that i5 Productive Leadership AB since October 10, 2023 enters into a cooperation agreement with Berotec.

Berotec is a value-driven consulting company that, on behalf of several clients, markets, develops people and provides consulting services in technology, IT and leadership. Examples of areas Berotec works in include business development, product development, system development and production efficiency.

i5 Productive Leadership AB is a company that, among other things, provides the services that Berotec markets and delivers. Through the cooperation, i5 Productive Leadership AB intends to engage Berotec as a consulting company in order to thereby gain access to a network of individual end customers. i5 Productive Leadership AB can thereby also utilize Berotec’s infrastructure, such as Berotec’s unique concept with values, brand, marketing, work methodology and processes.

Berotec will, in cases where Berotec believes that an assignment with an end customer suits i5 Productive Leadership AB, transfer a request to carry out the individual customer assignment. If i5 Productive Leadership AB chooses to undertake to carry out the customer assignment, it takes place under the terms and conditions specified by the end customer. i5 Productive Leadership AB’s choice to accept the customer assignment takes place according to the end customer’s conditions for the execution of the assignment. i5 Productive Leadership AB has full freedom to either accept or decline customer assignments offered by Berotec.