Håkan Byström

With more than 10 years of experience in product management and product portfolio management in B2B, and as an army officer with many years of experience in leadership and management of complex environments, Håkan chose to start and run the company i5 Productive Leadership AB in 2023.

During his first 15 years of his professional career, Håkan earned a master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering at Luleå University of Technology and graduated as major at the Swedish Defense University, which was interspersed with various management positions in the Swedish Armed Forces including the Armed Forces Headquarters.

The career then continued with a short period at a small consulting company, and a long period in the defense industry with the development of advanced and complex products such as unmanned aerial vehicles, fighter aircraft and missiles. The last six years before the formation of i5 Productive Leadership, Håkan had product responsibility for the development of a new generation of smart cameras, with a focus on software, intended to solve needs in automation of industrial production and quality control in many different industries.

A multifaceted interest and great curiosity characterizes Håkan, which over the years has been reflected in his hobbies – music and singing, film, sports, travel, nature, motorcycle, home renovation and carpentry. He shares his knowledge and experience with joy and skill, which has often been much appreciated. The drive for continuous improvement, both personally and professionally, as well as teaching and learning, have been the cornerstones of the formation of i5 Productive Leadership.

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What others say about Håkan

Håkan Byström has been a great asset for us by managing the product life cycle of the products he has been responsible for in an exemplary way. His skills and experience have helped us to raise the level of how we organize and structure our work at an overall level.

He has demonstrated high competence and experience in product management, which has made him an important link between the development department and the rest of the organization. He is careful to follow up and evaluate every step of the process, from idea generation and development to launch. Håkan’s leadership has also contributed to the positive development of SICK’s new generation 2D Machine Vision products, which has led to an expansion of SICK’s R&D organization.

We highly recommend Håkan for his product management skills. His transparent, clear and professional communication style is extremely valuable in achieving successful results.


Håkan has in an independent and structured way taken on the task of lifting the product management area. He has a good overall view with a strategic eye and possesses solid knowledge of, and interest in, our products as well as our market and environment. With his calm and persistent manner, he drives through improvements and changes. Håkan is always well read and prepared and is often asked to give presentations and share his experience and knowledge. As a person, Håkan is trustworthy, goal-oriented and keeps his promises. He is analytical and has a strong desire to grow, to develop the business and has the ability to take on complex tasks.

Håkan has fulfilled all the requirements of the position in an excellent way. He works independently, is very committed, driven and goal-oriented. Furthermore, Håkan has a high work capacity and has performed his tasks in a very judicious and responsible manner with very good results. Håkan is very loyal and has been a very appreciated employee. We would like to give Håkan our warmest recommendations and would gladly re-employ him in our organization.


Håkan is calm, honest, objective and generally knowledgeable. Håkan can initially be perceived as quiet, but is open and spontaneous in closer relationships. He is a good listener, and is perceived as empathetic and helpful. Håkan is clearly goal-oriented, sticking to goals and tasks and directing the work in line with this. Håkan is perceived as humble and easy to work with. He also demonstrates good teaching skills.

Håkan’s particularly prominent characteristics are the ability to analyze tasks and work, which also shows a good ability to see essentials and make balanced priorities. At the same time, he has a good ability to see the big picture and be objectively and creatively critical. Håkan has shown that he is good at spotting illogical and inefficient procedures which, together with his personality, gives him good leadership skills.

Swedish Defence University, 2004